Monday, December 5, 2011

Need Ideas?

Sooo Christmas (and Hannakuh) are three weeks away. If you're still looking for ideas for your child, here are some suggestions from us:

Spooner Boards: probably the hottest gift this year for boys AND girls. Two different sizes available: the Freestyle for ages 4 and up and the Pro Model for ages 6 to 7 and up (even for that hard-to-buy for 10 year old) depending on height and skill level. These come in a variety of colors: blue, orange, red, black, green, yellow, and purple (sorry, no pink, but we did ask them to make a pink one in the future!)
                    Check out this YouTube video to see how the Spooner works:

Kickboard Scooters: these are new to us but have received rave reviews all over the country with their unique "lean and steer" design. Like with the Spooner Boards, there are 2 different sizes, the Maxi and the Mini. The Mini is appropriate for 3 to 5 year olds and the Maxi is appropriate for ages 6 to 9. Also available in several colors (and yes, this time there's a pink, yay!) Watch this YouTube video to see the Kickboard scooters in action: 

Moon Chairs:  These were popular a few years ago and now they've made a comeback! And, dude, these things are comfortable. We have pink, lime green, and we just got in a super cute tie dyed one!

Wheely Bugs: these are one of our Christmas favorites! The small ones are for ages 18 months and up and the large ones are for 3 years and up. Right now we have ladybugs and pigs in stock but this week we'll be receiving tigers and mice! 

 Lego, Playmobil, and Cobi: Lego Ninjago has been very popular this year and of course Star Wars is the number one series. Playmobil's newest series is the very cool Top Agents line. The coolest Top Agent item is a spy boat that shoots out darts and floats on water! Cobi is a Lego-like series that has some pretty awesome military sets, including tanks, battleships, Jeeps, and air crafts.

Dolls:  We LOVE Corolle dolls and have a great selection of them in stock. And, after a many year hiatus, we now have Lee Middleton dolls again. Just to be clear, these are not the Lee Middleton Nursery dolls, but do include the Cuddle Babies. We also have doll furniture including high chairs, beds, cradles, swings, and bunk beds to go with both the Corolle dolls and Lee Middleton dolls! 

Kettler trikes: Kettler trikes are German made and will last for years. Kettler also has an awesome pedal car that's perfect for ages 3 to 7 and features a handbrake, is steerable, and 4 wheels. 


Zike Scooter: These new scooters are described as a "stair stepper on wheels" and are imported to the US from some guys in Greenville, SC. Check out this YouTube video to see how cool they are:

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